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Hi folks! :wave:

It's time again for our monthly photomanip newsletter. Find out what has been going on in the past month and what not to miss in the coming one. :work:

The latest

  • Manip Academy 2.0

    We have plans to start a new round of Manip Academy articles, a series of short photomanip tips run by the community. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see this link which will lead you to the previous Manip Academy project:
    The idea behind the project is that writing entire tutorials is difficult and time consuming, when on the other hand it can be so easy to simply share an easy trick to achieve a certain effect. Everyone is invited to participate! Let us know if you would like to contribute with something. :nod: Stay tuned for further updates on that matter during the next month!

  • Outstanding groups

    We plan to start an article series highlighting some of the outstanding photomanip groups around dA. Many active groups offer useful tips and resources, organize contests, feature their members or do other interesting stuff that makes being a member super worthwhile. These groups deserve more attention. :nod: The project is run by our newest CRPhotomanipulation admin Rowye. Stay tuned for more!

Stock Treasures

Thanks to CelticStrm-Stock for forwarding us these awesome, overlooked stock gems this month!

Wastelander01 by DaeStockRhinoceros iguana by Fotostyle-SchindlerSnow Fox 6 by DarkBeforeDawn23Fog Stock 05 by Malleni-Stock

Stocksites, tutorials and active photomanip groups

These handy lists can be found here for your convenience. If you want any of them to be updated, shoot us a note! :)

Stock sites, tutorials and Photomanip groupsExamples of good stock sites
Please note that this list is meant to give an overview of available stock sites that we would recommend to use, but it is in no way meant to be complete, and we do not take responsibility for the legitimacy of every photo uploaded on these websites. We recommend that you check the rules of every stock photo you download there and the specific Terms of Use (ToU) of the website.
The following list is divided into several subsections, paid and free stocks, and attribution required or not required.***
What does attribution mean exactly? It basically says that you're obliged to credit the stock provider whenever you use their stock in your work.
Stocks for purchase

As always, although we do our best we cannot be everywhere. So if you know anything that is missing or should be included in the next newsletter, let us know! We greatly appreciate any feedback. :nod:

Over and out! :salute:

On behalf of your CRPM News Network team.

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Any Photomanip-news/tips/inspiration to share for the next newsletter? 

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